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The Yorkshire Pass is the perfect way to make the most of your stay in our wonderful region. 

The Pass gives you entry to over 70 top Yorkshire attractions  so you can visit more of our historic houses, stroll through more of our idyllic gardens, discover more museums and make plans for days out, all for a lot less money.

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The Scarborough Spa

The Scarborough Spa  Have some fantastic events this year CLICK HERE to visit their event schedule and

Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Scarborough Open Air Theatre Europes largest open air theatre have some great events CLICK HERE to visit and book tickets

Dive into amazing underwater worlds at Scarborough Sea-life Centre

Scarborough SEA LIFE and Marine Sanctuary will introduce you to many strange, beautiful and fascinating creatures of the deep. Prepare for astonishing close views of everything from humble starfish to mighty sharks, all in displays which carefully recreate their natural habitats.

Explore freshwater rivers and streams, the rugged UK coastline, the shallows and the dark depths of the North Sea and the crystal clear warm waters of the Barrier Reef. At every step there are different amazing creatures to find, to watch and to learn about.

Discover the truth about the much-misunderstood shark; the plight of the endangered sea turtle; the remarkable lives of seahorses and countless more surprising facts about these and other incredible creatures.