Robin Hood's Bay

Robin Hoods Bay from Ravenscar

The Raven Hall Hotel in Robin Hood's Bay

If you are looking for a hotel near Robin Hood’s Bay, we hope you will consider the Raven Hall Hotel for your stay. Our country house hotel is situated in Ravenscar, a fantastic setting that is not only beautiful but close to many points of interest in North Yorkshire. Those seeking accommodation in Robin Hood’s Bay need look no further, as this historic hotel is located just a 20-minute drive away, and offers superb facilities for those who stay.

If you're looking to book Robin Hood’s Bay accommodation, make sure to take a look at all that the Raven Hall Hotel can offer from its prime location in North Yorkshire. With excellent dining options, the hotel will certainly not disappoint. For an alternative accommodation style, why not take a look at our lodges?

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The history of Robin Hood’s Bay

Although the reasoning behind the name of Robin Hood’s Bay is uncertain, it has been linked to a story about legendary outlaw Robin Hood. The story tells of Robin stepping in to protect the village from French pirates, by driving them away and returning the loot to the villagers.

Even if this story is more myth than fact, there is a very real connection between the town and smugglers. In the 18th century, there was a boom of smuggling activity along the Yorkshire coast, with many luxury items being smuggled into the UK from France and the Netherlands to avoid the duty. Robin Hood’s Bay, with its twisting streets, is rumoured to still have a series of underground tunnels connecting some of the houses, which were used by the pirates hundreds of years ago, why not try and search for them during your stay at Raven Hall?

Luckily, this darker side of business did not take away from the town’s main source of income, which for many years was the fishing industry. Despite a decline in many small towns like this since the 19th century, Robin Hood’s Bay still has strong fishing ties, and this can be seen when visiting North Yorkshire and staying in hotels near Whitby.

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Things to do in Robin Hood’s Bay

Raven Hall Hotel is perfectly placed to allow you to explore the nearby village of Robin Hood’s Bay. The Hotel overlooks the beautiful bay itself and is only a short distance from the village.

Robin Hood’s Bay is set in a cleft between two steep cliffs, with the main street through the town winding down from the cliff top, where a manor house and church overlook the town. This extensive street runs through the town, over a small river and then ends at the cobbled slipway of Wayfoot.

Attractions in Robin Hood’s Bay include the fantastic Old St Stephen's Church, standing proudly on the cliff side above the town. This beautiful little church has been standing in this location since it was built in 1821 and although it looks a little weathered now, it's a great place to visit during your stay in Robin Hood’s Bay.

If you’re looking for something a little more educational to experience during your stay in our accommodation in Robin Hood’s Bay, there's the Old Coastguard Station. This visitor centre is now owned and run by the National Trust in partnership with the North York Moors National Park, and is a fascinating way to learn more about the geology and history of the area.

For more ideas about activities and things to do whilst you’re staying near Robin Hood’s Bay, why not browse the helpful posts on our blog?

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